Inside Focus Plus

aboutFocus Plus Service Auditors is an Australian business formed from a desire to generate an ideal shopping environment for both the consumer and the service provider.

We have a collective service experience of over thirty years covering a variety of industry sectors. Our history has been focused in two of the most demanding service divisions; hospitality and banking. Our company was created from the experience and knowledge gained from challenging Customer Service situations.

Experience has taught us that good quality Customer Care is truly what separates a competent business from an exceptional and highly profitable business. This understanding has driven us to develop our monitoring system which covers all aspects of Customer Service and the Sales Process. In order to keep pace with the dynamic nature of the retail sector, we provide Audit packages both locally and nationally.

Just as our products and services are tailored to your specific needs, so to are our prices. An obligation FREE quotation is available on application. We work directly with your Company to provide the information of most value to your business by creating the monitoring program, executing the Audits and providing the analytical data in easy-to-read reports each month (or as requested). All Focus Plus agents have been trained exclusively by Focus Plus Service Auditors to provide insightful, unbiased, consistent, independent and constructive feedback.

All Agents and Audits are subject to a strict Quality Control program throughout the entire Audit Process. We represent all age groups and have broad experience and knowledge across all retail sectors.