Because excellent service is what keeps the Customers coming back!
monitor_textYou can only match or beat your competitors prices for so long. If your competition offers better service than you, they will be the one with a loyal client base who return time and time again. You can only price match to keep a Customer happy for so long before profit margins suffer and the bottom line experiences a down turn. Loyal clients do more return business than new clients can create – and is far more cost effective for your business. Loyal and satisfied clients always tell friends and family and offer a recommendation about your business. It is true that a great customer attraction strategy is necessary, but it is an exceptional first impression that is vital to converting them into a regular buyer or consumer of your product! Just think of the resources you invest in advertising campaigns. You want every single dollar to work for you. What if your level of Customer Service was raised so that every possible sales opportunity was seized? What would that make your bottom line? Exceptional Customer Service is the point of difference your business needs to stand out from your competitors. While posing as a potential Customer, Focus Plus agents record all aspects of the sales process on a personally designed Service Audit. The data is collected and entered in our strict Quality Control Program. Confirmed data is recorded into specifically designed reports for Management examination. cs-monitorWouldn’t you like to know how your Customers really perceive your business? Why don’t Customers return to your business? How do your Staff really make your Customers feel? Do your Customers feel valued? We can provide you with the answers! By monitoring your Customer Service regularly you will always be aware of your Customers needs and expectations and whether your staff are meeting those needs. You provide us with your expected Customer Service standards and we Audit them. Your standard of Customer Service is the key to long term Customer retention – the success of every business! We become the ‘eyes of Management’ seeing what you don’t when you are not there. You cannot be everywhere. Focus Plus provides you with the information so you can create a more effective training program to achieve your business goals. By streamlining your training program and targeting both the strengths and weaknesses found by our Service Agents you can make the most of your training budget. It is vital that your Staff have the knowledge, training and skills to take advantage of every sale opportunity. WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN HURT YOU! Your Staff are your best and most cost effective advertisement! Ensure your Staff are trained to reflect your business culture, service standards and expectations. With regular monitoring your Staff are encouraged to focus on getting it right with every customer every timeā„¢. The Focussing on You Reward and Recognition Program encourages your staff to strive for the highest quality Customer Service standards. By rewarding employees for excellence they constantly strive for high achievement which will in turn ultimately increase your profits. REMEMBER – happy workers, happy workplace, happy Customers, happy bank balance! diagram